Our Story

We maintain a positive relationship with a variety of agencies, conduct independent research that advances discussion on Treaty-related issues, and facilitate public understanding of the importance and role of Treaty-making in building a stronger and healthier nation.

In serving that role, we are:

  • Living documents – focused on the Treaties, relationship building, and broadening relationships
  • A Change Agent – helping individuals understand how Treaties can serve as the framework for the future (using treaties as a lens)
  • An Advocate – we are an advocate for the Treaties and believe that every Manitoban should feel like a part of the treaty relationship!
  • A Keeper of Resources – providing the facts and the information that can offer a balanced representation on Treaty relationships
  • A Communicator – focused on communicating/protecting the spirit and the intent of the Treaties
  • An Educator – broadening relationships by providing an understanding of the Treaty agreements to Canadians of all ages
  • A Facilitator – acting as a joining/connecting body, we help to facilitate change by helping groups get back to the spirit and intent of the agreements