Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross

Boozhoo, Aniin!

I am a member of the Hollow Water First Nation in Treaty 5. I moved to Winnipeg for my education, graduating from the University of Winnipeg and continuing on to Queen’s University where I received my law degree. I practiced law in Manitoba until my appointment as Treaty Commissioner in 2017.

My grandfather, George Barker served for 44 years as Chief of Hollow Water and taught me from an early age that, as a First Nation person, I would always carry the responsibility of advocating and educating on behalf of First Nation people. This is a responsibility that I fully embrace. I am also a firm believer in putting family and community first and I strive to maintain a healthy balance between work and family, which includes my husband, our four children and our grandchildren.

As Treaty Commissioner, I believe that we all have much to learn about the Treaties. The Treaties are about understanding that there is a historical and contemporary relationship between First Nation and non-First Nation people. I am honoured to have the opportunity to work with the Council of Elders to promote understanding of the Treaties, to assist all Manitobans in their journey to re-establishing a respectful and mutually beneficial relationship.

Loretta Ross, Treaty Commissioner, Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba

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