Let’s Talk Treaties

As Long as the waters flow…

Over time, many Treaties have been made between the Crown (the British Government) and First Nations. 

These Treaties were agreements made to share the land, and in return, to provide benefits to the First Nations people.

The Treaties also created an on-going relationship between the Crown and First Nations. Both sides accepted the benefits of the agreements, and both sides understood that they were responsible for honouring the agreements.

The intent of the Treaties, then and now, was that these would be living, breathing agreements that would create a long-term working relationship between all parties involved. The Treaties were intended to meet the needs of the parties on an on-going basis. This could only be accomplished if the parties met on a regular basis to address their changing needs over time.

At TRCM, we believe that we all have a responsibility to nurture the relationships outlined in the Treaties so that we can create a prosperous future for our children and for successive generations.

In Anishinaabe inaakonigewin, relationships never end. They are constantly fostered, redefined, re-examined, and renegotiated. They must be tended, fuelled, nurtured, or simmered. They morph and evolve over time. The treaty is a relationship, which has no end.

Aimee Craft, 2012

Let’s Talk Treaty is a 15-minute, bi-weekly radio series aimed at gaining a deeper understanding of the Manitoba Treaties. The show features Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross, who welcomes special guests in order to engage in insightful and thought-provoking discussions on Treaties and the Treaty relationship.