Annual Summer Institute Training August 21 & 22, 2024

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Please join us for our annual Summer Institute August 21 & 22 for two-days of learning at Lower Fort Garry. There is a non-refundable registration fee of $100. Capacity of 30 registrations.

K-12 Treaty Education

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Training sessions are dynamic and responsive. Our team designs sessions for the teaching audience, and for the grade level; keeping in mind the ever-changing landscape of education. Our sessions also offer practical tips for localizing the teaching of Treaties to your individual Treaty territory.

Certificates are provided upon completion of the full two-days of training

Day 1 – focuses on setting context: An Elder’s perspective on Treaties; the importance of First Nations’ oral tradition; Treaties in a historical and modern setting; and overview of the Treaty Education program.

Day 2 – centres on teaching Treaties in the classroom; best-practices and tips for successful implementation; modelling lesson plans; and opportunities for educators to learn together and share.

In School Supports Team (ISST)

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The ISST provides high-quality, practical in-school support, guidance and role modelling for classroom teachers and Catalyst Teachers implementing Treaty education. Applying sound pedagogical approaches, strategies, and methods, the ISST helps integrate Treaty education topics and lesson plans across the curriculum.

TRCM has secured a team of Educational Consultants with experience in Treaty Education training and implementation and they are available to provide classroom teachers with additional supports.

The ISST can work with Early Years, Middle Years and Secondary Years educators to promote effective teaching and learning linkages between Treaty education and Manitoba curriculum across the subjects. Some options offered include:

  • Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Overview
  • Treaties and Reconciliation
  • How to incorporate Treaty Education in the classroom
  • Lesson Plan demonstration – co-teaching
  • Treaty Education Kit Overview
  • Storytelling and The Treaty Relationship
  • Reconciliation and the Treaty Relationship

Grade 12 School Initiated Course

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Post-Secondary Course: Teaching K-12 Treaty Education as a Tool for Reconciliation

In response to continued requests for Treaty Education training at the post-secondary level. A pilot post-secondary course was developed and accredited by the Council of Elders. The course became available in 2019 and will run over four successive summers. The targeted completion for all four courses would be July 2022

During the summer 2019, the Council of Elders, with our support, successfully delivered the inaugural course at several different land-based locations – Niizhoziibean (The Forks), Manitou Api (Petroforms), Lower Fort Garry, and Upper Fort Garry, and the TRCM Learning Centre.

Collectively, our staff and Treaty Education team worked closely with the Council of Elders on the logistics for course delivery. A total of 27 people successfully completed the introductory course and are expected to advance to Level 2. This course is unprecedented in Canada and has demonstrated a need for this authentic learning experience.

Results and responses from the initial course offering were encouraging. The course touches the spirit of all participants as it provides them with an opportunity to learn from our Elders. The stories and knowledge shared during the courses provide a learning experience that cannot be found in books.