Treaty Education E-Newsletter

On the 15th of each month Wetutoskimetowin  e-news highlights:

  • a Treaty teaching resource for download;
  • a Treaty term in a First Nations’ language;
  • a significant Treaty making site;
  • upcoming training sessions, and more!

June 2024 E-Newsletter

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Videos, Webinars & Presentations

A collection of video, audio, slide decks, learning activities, and webinars have been prepared for students and teachers to help them further their Treaty knowledge and understanding. These resources can be downloaded and used by both teachers and students along their Treaty journey. Please continue to visit our website for new and exciting student resources that will be added as they are being developed.

Kinikinik Videos:

Webinars and Podcasts:

We understand all educators are at different stages in terms of their own understanding of Treaties, whether it is the historical concepts or why Treaties are relevant today. That’s why we have created a series of webinars to help you along your learning journey. We will continue to add more of these resources in the future. To view additional videos and webinars click here.

Power points and presentations: