Our Logo

Our logo was designed to highlight the significance of the Treaty relationship between the Crown and First Nations. The sacred pipe is in the foreground. From a First Nation perspective, the pipe adds a spiritual solemnness to the agreement. By sharing the pipe, the Treaty-makers invite the Creator to witness the commitments of the Treaty. The stem of the pipe is adorned with eight ribbons representing the seven Treaty territories and the ancestral lands of the Dakotas. The head of the Sacred Pipe is in the shape of an eagle’s head, which symbolizes aspects of humanity that are closest to the Creator and the highest ideals of humankind.

Three parties were present when entering the Treaties: the Creator, the Crown, and the First Nation peoples. The eagle messenger carries the prayers that seek to bring the parties together in peace, harmony, and understanding. The smoke, carrying the intentions of the two parties, is lifted by the eagle up to the Creator. Thus, the connection between the Treaty-makers is both physical and spiritual.

The landscape evolves from the pipe smoke within the logo, becoming the water that gives all people life. Out of the water comes the land. The Maple leaf represents Canada, which rose from the Treaty relationship. A hidden concept within the leaf is the idea that it grew from a seed. One of the seeds that created Canada is the relationship between First Nations and the British Crown.

Looking over everything is the Creator’s most significant representation in the natural world: the sun. It is from the sun that Mother Earth receives the energy necessary to bring forth life and the land’s bounty.

The sun also represents the light of education and understanding, which is crucial in creating a healthy relationship between the peoples who share Mother Earth. Finally, the sun’s light reminds us that we are all Treaty people.