What We Do

The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba is dedicated to promoting the significance of Treaties to all Manitobans today. We believe that through increased understanding and dialogue, we can facilitate change.

With this in mind, we provide education on the history of Treaties and how Manitobans can give meaning to the Treaties today. We offer training and education services to teachers and administrators and private and public sector organizations.

In addition to Teaching Treaties K-12, we support research on Treaties. We provide the use of our resource library, housing more than 2000 books, scholarly articles, legal publications, and journals. In addition, we have staff available to answer general inquiries and provide suggestions on learning more about the Treaties.

We also offer dialogue and engagement of various Treaty-related topics by connecting you with scholars, professionals, and knowledge keepers in our Speakers Bureau.

We facilitate change on a Nation-to-Nation level by offering opportunities to discuss Treaty implementation through formal discussions, leadership conferences, and workshops.

All of our events are offered through in-person and virtual formats. In addition, we provide regularly scheduled workshops and lunch and learns. Please get in touch with us for more information or to be added to our mailing list.