We Are All Treaty People

What is the Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba?

The Treaty Relations Commission of Manitoba is a neutral organization that aims to strengthen, rebuild, and enhance the Treaty Relationship between First Nations and Canada. We also offer training, facilitate discussion, and support research on Treaties. All Canadians benefit from the Treaties, and we want everyone to know that “We Are All Treaty People!”

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‘We encourage people to do the research’: A look at developing land acknowledgments

Land acknowledgments in sports and government When Lance Cardinal was approached by the Edmonton Oilers to act as an Indigenous consultant, the Cree artist and designer knew the first thing he wanted to do was

‘An important step’: first Indigenous land acknowledgement voiced in legislature

Source: Winnipeg Free Press

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Join us this Wednesday for another exciting episode of "Let’s Talk Treaty!" at 12:30pm on NCI FM. We will speak to Elder Harry Bone of Keeseekoowenin First Nation in the Treaty 2 Territory, and former Treaty Commissioner Dennis White Bird of the Treaty 4 community of Rolling River First Nation. They will discuss their forthcoming book Miinigoowisiwin: Our Spiritual and Natural Knowledge. If you missed a previous episode of “Let’s Talk Treaty,” head to our website at www.trcm.ca. If you are interested in booking a speaker for your next event, please fill out our request form or contact our Speakers Bureau Coordinator. See MoreSee Less
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Are you looking to expand your knowledge about the Treaties and the Treaty Relationship? Book one of our speakers for your next event! Our Speakers Bureau members provide in-depth discussions on topics related to the original Spirit and Intent of the Treaties as well as historical and contemporary issues surrounding Treaties. Our speakers include teachers, lawyers, historians, residential school survivors, knowledge keepers, and elders. Please visit our website at www.trcm.ca to view our speaker biographies and find our request form. You can also contact our Speakers Bureau Coordinator at speakersbureau@trcm.ca See MoreSee Less
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Timeline photosPîhtokahanapiwiyin (known as Chief Poundmaker in English) was a Plains Cree chief who was tried and convicted of treason-felony in 1885 because of his alleged involvement in the North-West Rebellion/North-West Resistance. In 1885, Louis Riel led a resistance against the Canadian government to advocate for the rights of the Métis Nation. Even though some First Nations joined the cause of the Métis and fought as allies, Chief Poundmaker advocated that a peaceful solution to their grievances be found. However, some members of his band were engaged in the conflict, including at the Battle of Batoche in May 1885. Although he tried to stop them, their participation provided a reason for Pîhtokahanapiwiyin’s arrest and imprisonment. For a man who had spent his life on the land, hunting and leading, the effects of incarceration were profoundly detrimental. After spending one year in the Stony Mountain Penitentiary, Poundmaker’s health had declined so much that he was released. Four months after his release, he died of a lung hemorrhage while visiting his adopted father Crowfoot on the Siksika Blackfoot reserve.On May 23, 2019, over 130 years later, the Canadian government posthumously exonerated him and officially apologized to the Poundmaker Cree Nation of Saskatchewan, which is home to many of his descendants. Nothing can truly right the injustice of Poundmaker’s imprisonment, or reverse the damage that the loss of his leadership had on his band and the Plains Cree. However, recognizing this injustice is a step toward greater understanding between Canadians and Indigenous peoples.Learn more about his story and legacy on our blog: ow.ly/mGw150JEFN2#NIHM2022 See MoreSee Less
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Join us today for "Let’s Talk Treaty!" at 12:30pm on NCI FM. We will be speaking to Aaron Mills from Couchiching First Nation, located within Treaty 3 territory. He is a member of the Bear Clan and is an assistant professor at McGill Faculty of Law in Montreal. This summer he will be teaching an "Indigenous Legal Traditions" course with Elder Harry Bone & Grandmother Sherry Copenace. See MoreSee Less
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Indigenous people from Canada, U.S., meet in Saskatoon to sign treaty aiming to restore bison | CBC News https://www.cbc.ca/news/canada/saskatchewan/buffalo-treaty-wanuskewin-heritage-park-july-15-2022-1.6522999?__vfz=medium%3Dsharebar

Join us for Let’s Talk Treaty at 12:30pm on NCI FM. We will be speaking to Aaron Mills from Couchiching. He is a member of the Bear Clan and is an assistant prof. at McGill. This summer he will teach an “Indigenous Legal Traditions” course with Elder Bone & Grandmother Copenace.

Happy National Indigenous Peoples Day and Summer Solstice! The TRCM recognizes this day as a time to celebrate Indigenous peoples’ rich languages, stories, and histories across this land. This day of light has historical roots and has been celebrated for thousands of years!


Mama Bear Greets New Baby, Has The Knowledge Of Her Ancestors On Her Back And Is Surrounded By Community Nourishment ❤️❤️

Please join us for a Brown Bag Lunch Series presentation premiering on our YouTube channel on Tuesday, June 21st at 12PM. Chris Henderson, Executive Director of TLEC, will present: “Manitoba Framework Agreement on Treaty Land Entitlement – 25 Years Later. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCygGVnfn4nSuSsONMDVr5-Q

The Grade 12 course on Treaties will be on Nov 23, 2022. If you are a grade 12 teacher who is interested in teaching this course, please join us by registering for the one day session. This is a virtual event! To register, please go to: https://trcm.ca/education/grow/

Did you know that more than 200 years ago, the Peguis-Selkirk Treaty was made? You can learn more by listening to this 15-minute episode of “Let’s Talk Treaty!” https://soundcloud.com/trcm/ltt-4-peguis-selkirk-treaty-maureen-matthews-harry-bone-part-2-nov-15-2017?utm_source=clipboard&utm_medium=text&utm_campaign=social_sharing
(Images of the Treaty and map from the Archives of Manitoba). #NIHM2022


TRCM’s Treaty Education Teacher Summer Institute will take place on August 24 & 25, 2022. K – 12 Educators are invited to attend! To register, please go to https://trcm.ca/education/grow/
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