Grade 12 Treaties and the Treaty Relationship Course

Our team has created a Grade 12 course for implementation in Manitoba secondary schools called “Treaties and the Treaty Relationship: a Local Treaty Experience”.

This course serves to bookend the content found in the Kindergarten to grade 12 teacher’s guides. Read more

‘Treaties and the Treaty Relationship: a Local Treaty Experience’ consists of five clusters

Treaty Education materials for the course include a full curriculum document, supplementary teacher’s guide for teaching local Treaty history, and a Treaty Education Grade 12-adapted Kit. Our team also provides one-on-one support, when available. 

Grade 12 ‘Treaties and the Treaty Relationship’:

  • Is a Grade 12 curriculum framework for Manitoba schools.
  • Students can obtain one-credit towards their graduation. This 110-hour course that meets Manitoba Education requirements for School Initiated Course (SIC) registration.
  • It supports, enhances, and complements the Manitoba social studies curriculum.
  • While concerted focus is on Local Treaty history, this course also explores all Numbered Treaties and the Treaty relationship in national, international, contexts.

To date, the course has been piloted and offered in two Manitoba high schools. For more information about the course and/or training for your school division centred on its delivery, please contact the Treaty Education manager .