Lesson plan template for designing Treaty Education learning activities.

A teacher’s guide from the 2021 Treaty Education Summer Institute which used the Geographical Thinking Skills to explore Treaties.

A compilation of 19 lesson plans with student worksheets taken from the K-12 Treaty Education Teacher’s Resource Guides.

A collection of subject-specific ‘lesson launchers’/tips for embedding Treaty Education across the Manitoba curriculum.

A suite of 5 slide decks with accompanying student worksheets that explore Treaty-related themes.

Treaties and the Treaty Relationship – Canada’s History

A special publication by Canada’s History centred on Treaties across Canada; guest edited by Treaty Commissioner Loretta Ross.

A teacher’s resource that dovetails the Historical Thinking Concepts with Treaty Education.

A teacher’s resource guide written for Orange Shirt Day in 2021 with reproducible student worksheets.

A teacher’s guide from the 2022 Treaty Education Summer Institute which uses storytelling as a portal to explore Treaties.

Summer Institute 2022